Trees and Development
Salopian Consultancy provide clear and pragmatic advice regarding tree related matters to assist with planning applications pre, during and post consent.

BS 5837:2012 Tree Survey involves the recording and interpretation of those arboricultural constraints within any given site. This information can then be used to help guide the design of a site layout and ultimately informs an Arboricultural Impact Assessment. Such studies are required by Local Planning Authorities to determine a planning application where trees are present, with a detailed Arboricultural Method Statement needed to inform full planning permission.

Tree Protection Measures – To ensure that the retention of trees is possible Local Planning Authority may ask for details regarding tree protection measures prior to the determination of a planning application. Such information has be presented within a Tree Protection Plan as part of an Arboricultural Method Statement.

BS 8545:2014 Compliant Tree Planting Schemes - In some cases tree retention may not be possible to achieve our clients goals. Where this is the case an appropriate level of replacement tree planting should be sought to achieve sustainable development. Key considerations include species selection, noteabley the ultimate expected stature of a tree to avoid future issues with tree growth as well as species resilience to climate change, pests and disease.

Arboricultural Clerk of Works - Site supervision often forms part of a planning condition where construction works pose the potential to damage or cause detriment to the long term health of high value trees. Salopian Consultancy are able to provide supervision to ensure tree protection and mitigation measures are undertaken successfuly.

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