Tree Risk Managment
Trees play an important role in their contribution to healthy and enjoyable environments for people to live in, as well as a range of environmental and ecological services. They can however pose a potential risk to persons and property, thus land owners have a duty of care to ensure periodical inspections to identify hazards and undertake remedial works to manage such risks to an acceptable level.

Tree Condition Surveys - We provide bespoke inspection regimes to meet our clients needs from the inspection of a single tree to comprehensive surveys of entire tree populations. The focus of such studies are to identify hazards and prescribe a proportional level of remedial tree work where deemed necessary. If you are concerned about the safety of trees within your ownership why not get in touch for an informal discussion to see how we can help.

Tree/Woodland Management Plans- Where the managment of a tree stock for purposes such as timber production, recreation use or amenity value is sought 10, 20, 50+ year management plans can be prepared to ensure tree works are scheduled at predetermined stages to achieve long term goals.

Application for tree works - Our team are able to provide impartial advice regarding tree works within Conservation Areas, upon trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders and aid with development control issues. Such inputs can include liaison with Local Planning Authorities during this process.

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All our tree surveyors hold the LANTRA Professional Tree Inspection Certificate as well as a practical background in tree surgery operations. Such a combination of skill holds us in good stead to provide realistic and well informed advice regarding tree safety and management. Whatever your tree related query/concerns may be why not get in touch with us to see how we can be of assistance.