Planting Schemes
We aim to provide well thought out and informed planting schemes which have long term foresight to achieve successful establishment of trees and habitats. We involve our clients at all stages to ensure the proposals meet our client aspirations.

BS 8545:2014 Tree Planting Schemes – The focus of such a scheme is to not only ensure tree planting is able to become established but that trees can thrive in their environment, avoiding issues associated with large growing species being planted too close to buildings/one another, or poor species selection in urban environment given the pressures associated with towns and cities.

The right tree in the right place can provide many benefits to people, whilst a poor choice of species and an inappropriate planting density can result in the need for removal in future years.

Woodland Management Plans We provide long term management schemes to achieve a variety of clients aspirations whether it be timber production, recreation use, amenity or to benefits for wildlife.